Links for July 5, 2015

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  • Some lunatics in Texas still think President Obama is going to use Jade Helm XXL (is that right?) to imprison his enemies in abandoned Walmart stores.
  • Here’s what you’d have to make in each state to be in the top 1%.
  • Joe Santagato (straight, and easy on the eyes) rips apart opposition to gay marriage.
  • This Libyan MiG-23 pilot has bigger balls than Chris Christie’s midsection.
  • If you thought the fight for LGBT equality was over, there are 29 states where you can still be legally fired from your job simply for being gay.
  • Sarah Palin thinks the answer to California’s drought crisis is as simple as more reservoirs and drinking sea water. You betcha!
  • Humans of New York posted a picture of a little boy with his quote, “I’m homosexual and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me.” Hillary Clinton stepped in and told him his life was going to be amazing. (BTW, this has “internet hoax” written all over it, but Hillary’s comment is still great.)
  • And finally, Frangela started following me on Twitter last night. I know this doesn’t mean much to the rest of you, but it made me really happy.


Links for July 4, 2015

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  • As America celebrates its birthday today, I offer this gentle reminder of gay soldiers of yesteryear that could never have even imagined serving openly, let alone that they might one day have the right to marry. Be sure to have some tissues on hand.
  • I know this story is several days old, but holy crap, this little girl is my hero.
  • This Wisconsin man says it was his “Constitutional duty” to kill President Obama.
  • As someone who made giant paper airplanes as a kid, I call bullshit on this. Paper airplanes shouldn’t be made of anything but paper.
  • The Oatmeal explains America to non-Americans.
  • These dickbags (who no doubt Support the Troops™) are mocking veterans living with PTSD, even going so far as to describe their signs as “faggoty.”
  • Mike Huckabee wants to make it a hate crime to discriminate against Christians who insist on being bigots. You know what bothers me the most about this? Let’s pretend we live in a world where he gets his way. Who’s to say this legislation couldn’t be used to defend a “Christian” who commits a hate crime against a gay person? “I was being persecuted for my religious beliefs. I had no choice but to beat the shit out of him!”
  • Speaking of people who will never be president, here are 10 awful words and the people they’re named for. I guess “santorum” got lost somewhere in the frothy mix.
  • Researchers have developed the technology to create touchable images in midair using lasers. One step closer to holodecks!
  • And finally, here are 10 tips for keeping your pet safe tonight. Remember, to you it’s a pretty fireworks show; to them, it’s the apocalypse.


Links for July 3, 2015

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  • Authorities are investigating a sign found inside a Baltimore PD van that reads, “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!” Reminder: Freddie Gray entered a Baltimore PD van back in April, apparently healthy, and emerged with a broken spine.
  • U-Haul has cuts its ties with Jeff Amyx (that homophobic hardware store owner who put up that “no gays allowed” sign.) How long until he has a GoFundMe page?
  • Michael Eisner doesn’t think women can be funny and beautiful. Without even thinking about it, half a dozen funny and beautiful women flashed through my head.
  • Measles has killed the first person in the US in 12 years.
  • Are you against gay marriage because of the Bible? Here’s a handy flowchart.
  • An Oregon bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple has been ordered to pay $135,000 in legal fees. Fun fact: this bakery apparently has no problem making divorce celebration cakes or cakes for ‘gay cure’ groups.
  • Reddit is in the middle of a civil war.
  • Monica Crowley says other GOP candidates for president should follow Donald Trump’s lead on immigration. As a liberal I say, YES! I AGREE! DO THAT!
  • Kids react to same-sex marriage. (Spoiler alert: They just get it.)
  • In a video parodying Becky Wegner Rommel’s meltdown over gay marriage, Drag Race queen Mrs. Kasha Davis wonders who’s fighting for traditional Oreos.


Links for July 2, 2015

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  • This kid pulled a 4-inch centipede out of his ear. Wrath of Kahn, anybody?
  • Nobody likes Donald Trump anymore.
  • After four decades, Sonia Manzano is retiring from Sesame Street.
  • Jim Webb becomes the fifth Democrat to announce his bid for the presidency.
  • Just when things looked like they were were starting to kinda blow over for the Duggar family, a new victim is preparing to file a civil suit against Josh Duggar.
  • A crow told an eagle to get off its lawn.
  • The dancing police officer from last weekend’s NYC pride has been identified. And the best part? He’s apparently straight. You know, I love that. You’ve got a straight guy in a traditionally macho field of work who is secure enough in his heterosexuality to just let loose and have some fun at gay pride. (Scroll down to the update.)
  • Did you watch that video of Paris Hilton freaking out because she thought her plane was crashing? There’s a decent chance she was in on the prank.
  • Dylann Roof’s sister set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her wedding and honeymoon after her brother killed nine innocent people in Charleston, SC.
  • The makers of bubble wrap are taking away the greatest part about receiving packages in the mail. I blame gay marriage. And Obama.


Links for July 1, 2015

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  • And, lo, the comedy gods gave us Rafael “Ted” Cruz auditioning for The Simpsons.
  • Channing Tatum busts seven classic dance moves in 30 seconds.
  • Chris Christie announced his fake candidacy for president yesterday and his Twitter hashtag went up in flames like a 1973 Ford Pinto.
  • Macy’s has cut its ties with Donald Trump over his comments, calling Mexican immigrants rapists and killers. Second time he’s been fired in as many days. Ouch.
  • The Bilerico Project is ending and this makes me kinda sad.
  • Anti-gay pastor, Tim Brooks, thinks gay people want to have sex with him.
  • Federal Judge Callie Granade has ordered Alabama to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, whether noted douche canoe Roy Moore likes it or not.
  • Remember that time Jeb Bush said unwed mothers should be shamed? Frangela and I wonder whether or not this also applies to Bristol Palin.
  • Heath Ledger based his Brokeback Mountain character on his homophobic uncle.
  • An Indiana woman recorded her five alarm meltdown over SCOTUS ruling in favor of marriage equality. I need to believe this is fake.





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