Links for August 25, 2016

Posted by David Green | Links | August 25, 2016 @ 5:53 pm

  • Katrina Pierson, wants you to know that Donald Trump isn’t changing his position on immigration; he’s just changing the words he’s using, and that’s totally different.
  • After disgracing himself and his team in Rio, Ryan Lochte is joining Dancing With the Stars, because what the hell else was he going to do?
  • Donald Trump has been attacking The Clinton Foundation, which provides medicine to poor people, because that’s just wrong. Did you know he once donated $100,000 to that foundation? I guess he was looking for special access to Bill and Hillary.
  • The hack against Leslie Jones is being investigated by Homeland Security and I really fucking hope the investigation leads back to Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Tesla has developed a new lithium-ion battery pack for its electric cars that promise 315 miles on a single charge.
  • Orlando Health won’t be billing victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre.
  • Noted spray can of crazy, Rush Limbaugh, says that Obama is teaching lesbians to become farmers because — reasons. He also says that he never knew lesbians wanted to be farmers, I guess assuming they all just want to be golfers and soft ball players.
  • Martin Blackwell was found guilty of eight counts of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault yesterday. What did he do? Well, he thought it would be acceptable to throw a pot of boiling water on a gay couple while they slept. A jury disagreed.
  • Did you leave Suicide Squad with a few nagging questions? So did this fan.
  • And finally, “Mutation Response Vehicles” were spotted in Florida a little over a week ago and conspiracy theorists went running for their tin foil hats.
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Links for August 24, 2016

Posted by David Green | Links | August 24, 2016 @ 6:10 pm

  • Donald Trump’s campaign says they’d be doing better in the polls if surveys accounted for “undercover supporters.” What is an “undercover supporter,” you might ask? Well, they’re people too embarrassed to admit they support him.
  • Trump’s latest campaign CEO used to be the head of Breitbart. A new ad has been released highlighting some of the headlines he was responsible for during his tenure there.
  • Noted RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni and fanglorious queen, Courtney Act, interviews Trump supporters about why they support him. My favorite part of the video is when the kids recognize her. They are the future, folks.
  • Scientists have discovered a planet outside our solar system that may be able to support life, and as these things go, it’s not very far away.
  • Leslie Jones’ personal website was hacked today, exposing her driver’s license and passport information, as well as nude photos of the actress. Noted fucknut and Breitbart writer, Milo Yiannopoulos seems to think she had it coming, because “karma.” See, he led a racist charge against her a while back that got him banned from Twitter, and apparently (in his world) she’s personally to blame for his utter assholishness.
  • Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Darth Vader had daily routine like the rest of us? Well, wonder no longer. (h/t Jeffrey Ricker)
  • Thousands of lakes are appearing in Antarctica because global warning is a hoax.
  • Delta Airlines has removed Chris Rock’s standup special “Kill the Messenger” from their in-flight entertainment over gay slurs. I have a question: When did Delta start showing stand-up specials? I’ve flown Delta many times and it’s usually stale movies and sitcoms.
  • The BBC has come up with a list of the top 100 movies of the 21st century (so far.)
  • And finally, here are some Friends facts that will make you feel old.
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Links for August 23, 2016

Or, "The Header Image Might Be Too Subtle"

Posted by David Green | Links | August 23, 2016 @ 5:23 pm

  • Harry Reid has challenged Donald Trump to take a U.S. citizenship test in response to The Orange One’s immigration policies and proposals. Yeah, that’ll happen.
  • Donald Trump has raised the rent on his campaign offices inside Trump Tower, and is apparently paying that rent with campaign donations. Grifters gonna grift.
  • I’m not saying Melania Trump was a sex worker, but her lawyers are threatening to sue anyone who writes a story suggesting she was.
  • Another kid gets away with date rape because why should his future be ruined?
  • Chez Pazienza had some thoughts about Gawker shutting down.
  • Duke was reelected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. Who is Duke? Well, Duke is a Great Pyrenees and the only dog ever to be elected mayor in the United States. Apparently Duke won his first election because only 12 (out of ~1,000) people voted that year and I guess he’s doing such a darn good job, people have voted to keep him as mayor twice since.
  • Yikes, I knew things were getting a little desperate for the Trump campaign, then I learned that they have a 12-year-old running his campaign office in Colorado.
  • WikiLeaks thought it would be a great idea to out closeted gay men in Saudi Arabia, where, in case you didn’t know, being gay is punishable by death.
  • These Louisiana politicians are asking for flood aid for their state, even after voting against aid for costal New Jersey and New York following Hurricane Sandy. Shoe, other foot.
  • And finally, here are the 30 most LGBT-friendly college campuses in America.
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Links for August 22, 2016

Or, "I Guess I'll Start Doing This Again"

Posted by David Green | Links | August 22, 2016 @ 4:32 pm

  • Bette Midler wonders if Caitlyn Jenner will go back to being Bruce now that I Am Cait has been canceled. Was it a stupid thing to say? Yes. Did she apologize? Yes. Am I upset with her? No. That would require me to have respect for Caitlyn in the first place.
  • I guess because he didn’t already have enough idiots in his clown car, Michele Bachmann is advising Donald Trump on foreign policy.
  • Speaking of Agent Orange, Donald Trump visited Louisiana (against the governor’s wishes) and in addition to handing out Play-Doh, he also wrote a $100,000 check to Tony Perkins’ church. I’m skeptical that much of that money will actually go people in need.
  • Netscape Navigator 3.0 turned twenty years old yesterday.
  • White supremacists thought it would be a good idea to hold an armed White Lives Matter protest outside the Huston headquarters for the NAACP.
  • A right wing Christian group says “turning gay” hurt Tom Daley at the Olympics. These idiots really don’t get it at all, do they?
  • A Latina waitress was surprised to see that instead of a tip, she found a note written on the recipt that read, “We only tip citizens.” Moving past how horrible this is for a second, am I the only one impressed that they spelled “citizens” correctly?
  • One last Trump story for today, I promise. First he said that the GOP needs to do more to reach out to the African American community, and now he’s reconsidering his vow to deport 11 million people. He’s not having a change of heart, he’s trying to win back white people who don’t want to vote for a vile racist.
  • Speedo and Ralph Lauren have ended their relationships with Ryan Lochte.
  • And finally, here are 11 smells that are slowly disappearing. I knew you were curious.
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