Links for May 15, 2017 (Night Shift)

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I’ve started a Night Shift version of the links because all the best stuff seems to come along after I’ve posted the links of the day. There may at some point even be a Morning Shift edition.

  • Never one to let a little thing like national security get in the way of his bragging, Trump apparently leaked classified intelligence information to the Russians during their recent visit to the White House. Can we please start impeachment proceedings now?
  • Speaking of Benito Cheeto, he’s trying to get Lawrence O’Donnell fired from MSNBC. Reminder, Lawrence has the second highest ratings on the network behind Rachel Maddow. If he loses his job, no one can say it wasn’t political.
  • Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer refused to answer whether or not the tapes Trump tried to intimidate James Comey with actually exist.
  • People with RH negative blood aren’t from this planet. Science says so.
  • Leslie Grossman is going to be in the next season of American Horror Story!
  • David Barton claims the Constitution is full of Bible verses. It is not.
  • These “manly men” apparently don’t understand that the show’s biggest liberal character was basically trolling them the entire time. Also, what a bunch of snowflakes. I got over it when The Real O’Neals was canceled. Well, I’m still working on it, but at least I didn’t start a petition.
  • Riverdale actors, KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse compliment each other, using tweets written by fans, and it’s so adorable.
  • Richard Patterson is on trial in Florida (of course) for strangling his girlfriend during sex. Rather than argue that it was an instance of autoerotic asphyxiation gone awry (it happens) I guess his lawyer is arguing that his dick was too big for her throat.
  • And finally, internet pirates are threatening to leak Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales on the internet unless Disney pays up.
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