Three Predictions for 2019

Posted by William Editorial January 2, 2019

Number 1. I think Donald Trump will resign. I think it will get to the point where the inevitability of impeachment becomes so clear that, in order to save face, he’ll quit rather than face the possibility of removed. He’ll then get on his plane with any of his kids who haven’t been indicted, and make his way to some country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States.

He’ll then spend the rest of his life pouting about how he would have made America great again, and rage tweeting over how he was treated unfairly, fake news, evil Democrats, blah blah blah.

Number 2. I think deregulation is going to start making people sick in increasing numbers. I mean, how many food recalls did we see in the last couple of months alone? Between rules about air and water quality, and food safety going out the window, I fear 2019 is going to be a dark time.

As a result, I see people resorting to growing their own food with private gardens where possible, and community gardens also becoming more of a thing. I also see a resurgence of food co-ops in places that haven’t seen them in a while.

Number 3. This is actually the most likely on my list; I see this being the year that green energy starts to really gain traction. Wind, solar, electric cars, and more thought being given to green infrastructure, like charging stations for electric cars becoming more commonplace, etc.

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