About Me

I’m a 39-year-old reclusive weirdo, currently living in rural Alabama. I share this life with a bunch of cats who think I’m pretty cool. I’m currently very much in love with this guy.

In a previous life, I was the creative director and art director of a consumer health/lifestyle magazine in Los Angeles between November of 2003 and February of 2005. My work there earned me a MarCom Award, a Communicator Award, and a LACP Spotlight Award.

I’m an aspiring screenwriter with half a dozen scripts gathering dust on my hard drive, alongside various TV pilots, treatments, virtual cocktail napkins, etc.

I play The Sims 4. Like, a lot.

I’ve been living with chronic pain in my legs since the end of February 2014.

I experience sleep paralysis and , often with multiple . These three phenomena can be scary enough on their own, but when you combine them, it’s absolutely terrifying. If you’re at all curious what it’s like, watch this documentary.

I’ve been oversharing on the internet since 2001. I’ve been "the smartest boy in class" on the Stephanie Miller Show twice. I’m an Eagle Scout. I’ve been catfished. I also know what it feels like to receive death threats from angry Star Trek fans.

I enjoy reuben sandwiches, good horror movies, and I aspire to one day use "vacation" as a verb in casual conversation. My favorite color is charcoal. My musical tastes are wildly varied. I respect anyone who speaks their mind unapologetically, even if I disagree with them. If you’re a dog owner who doesn’t believe in leashes or fences, I probably hate you.

Enough about me. Tell me about you.

The Name Thing

If you’ve been following my online shenanigans for a while, then you know that I used to go by David Green. Here’s the thing, I’ve never liked my given name, even as a little kid. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to change it.

Over the years, I’ve test driven new names online where you can do things like that, but never really settled on one that I liked for longer than a few months.

Then my dad died. What does that have to do with anything? So glad you asked. You see, my dad’s side of the family is rather religious and conservative, and after my dad died, his brother basically disowned me for being gay. As a result, I no longer felt the need to honor that side of my family by keeping my middle and last names. Harsh? I don’t think so.

The sticking point here was my first name. Every time I have threatened to change my name in the past, my mother reminds me that my first name means “beloved” in Hebrew. Why this matters so much to her (considering she isn’t Jewish) I don’t know, but it does. So, I offered a compromise. I moved my first name to the middle, and adopted William (a name I like) as my first name, and took Hudson (a family name from my mom’s side) and made it my last name.

So, William David Hudson.



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